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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
Sonai Chopper MAR-500 1L 120WSonai Chopper MAR-500 1L 120W
SONAI Sonai Chopper MAR-500 1L 120W
Sale price275.00 EGP
Sonai Chopper MAR-2072 0.75L 450WSonai Chopper MAR-2072 0.75L 450W
Sonai Chopper MAR-3073 1.5L 450WSonai Chopper MAR-3073 1.5L 450W
Fresh Chopper CH-400 1.5L 400WFresh Chopper CH-400 1.5L 400W
Mienta Mini Chopper CH-174 0.5L 400WMienta Mini Chopper CH-174 0.5L 400W
Tornado Chopper CH-400M 1L 400WTornado Chopper CH-400M 1L 400W
Tornado Chopper CH-400MR 1L 400WTornado Chopper CH-400MR 1L 400W
Tornado Chopper CH-300TT 2L 300WTornado Chopper CH-300TT 2L 300W
Tornado Chopper CH-400B 1.5L 400WTornado Chopper CH-400B 1.5L 400W
Kenwood Chopper CH580 0.5L 500WKenwood Chopper CH580 0.5L 500W