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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
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Sary Kettle SRKS-201029 1.8L 1500WSary Kettle SRKS-201029 1.8L 1500W
SARY Sary Kettle SRKS-201029 1.8L 1500W
Sale price165.00 EGP Regular price200.00 EGP
Save 49.00 EGP
Fresh Kettle EPK17000 1.7L 2200WFresh Kettle EPK17000 1.7L 2200W
FRESH Fresh Kettle EPK17000 1.7L 2200W
Sale price350.00 EGP Regular price399.00 EGP
Sonai Kettle SH-3752 1.7L 2200WSonai Kettle SH-3752 1.7L 2200W
Sonai Kettle SH-3777 1.7L 2200W - RedSonai Kettle SH-3777 1.7L 2200W - Red
Sonai Kettle SH-3888 1.7L 2200W - BlackSonai Kettle SH-3888 1.7L 2200W - Black
Fresh Glass Kettle EGK17000 1.7L 2200WFresh Glass Kettle EGK17000 1.7L 2200W
Fresh Stainless Kettle ESK17159C 1.7L 2200WFresh Stainless Kettle ESK17159C 1.7L 2200W
Tornado Kettle TKS-2218 R 1.8L 1850-2200WTornado Kettle TKS-2218 R 1.8L 1850-2200W
Black + Decker Stainless Kettle JC450 1.7L 2200WBlack + Decker Stainless Kettle JC450 1.7L 2200W